We live in a constant struggle created entirely by us. It's not the lack of validation, it's the deep desire for purpose driven by a fundamental disconnection between our reality and the reality that governs it.

Our temporality and the perception of systemic integrity in constant flux impair and directly subvert our confidence in the meaningfulness of our actions, and the purpose they follow.

The cognitive dissonance induced by this is a direct result of the limitations of our ability to observe reality from nothing but our very own eyes.

There is no purpose. We exist to perpetuate our species and advance it. Our existence is nothing but a gear in a system that is opaque and incomprehensible.

There is no need for us to understand it. Pride and humility aren't exclusive, they are the very bedrock of the human struggle.

Our drive to defy humility is everything that has brought us to where we are. The purpose that drives us is established by our desire to defy humility, the ultimate acceptance of our inevitable demise.

If all you can do is be yourself, be that self and embrace it. Everyone around you sustains that very same struggle.

You don't need to save starving children, prevent wars or global warming to sustain our species. You have no control.

Suffering is intrinsic and the primary motivator to our existence. Without suffering there is no drive.

You are a gear, the result of a miniscule genetic mutation created by your parents. Nature advances our species through you. Your existence is your purpose; the adaptation to a changing environment.

It is this inherent lack of meaning of your actions that causes the human struggle. And yet, it is our existence itself that is the purpose we struggle to see.

Stop. Look around. Take a deep breath. You have been given the privilege to experience this world. The rustling leafs in the wind, the birds and bees. That neighbour, your friends.

Your 4000 weeks are finite.

Stand up, go outside. Love, your curiosity and dedication are the only things that will inspire meaning and purpose.

Love is humility, and yet it is the most powerful, impactful and meaningful weapon of mass construction.

You are special.

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Written by Kenan Sulayman